Champions Circle Spotlight: Adam & Geri Goldstein

We Can All be Ambassadors

Recurring gifts are a great way to make a lasting contribution to Orlando Health in a way that is convenient for donors. For those interested in pledging $1,000 or more to an Orlando Health hospital over five years, the Multi-Year Giving Societies were created as a way to connect with others who have a similar interest in investing in our mission. They also represent the importance that recurring gifts can have on creating a culture of long-term engagement and show how the community helps us provide the care we all need.

Currently, there are three active giving societies with more than 200 members combined. They include:

  1. Advocates for Children – benefitting The Howard Phillips Center for Children & Families
  2. The Champion’s Circle – benefitting Arnold Palmer Medical Center (APMC)
  3. Visionary Partners – benefitting Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC), Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center and Health Central Hospital

Members of these organizations, along with other donors and community members, serve as ambassadors to the hospitals and help spread the mission of Orlando Health to friends, relatives, colleagues and more. One way ambassadors do this, is by hosting tours of the hospitals in which attendees hear directly from hospital leadership, staff, patients and their families about how they have been positively impacted by Orlando Health. Thanks to our more than 200 ambassadors, over 4,000 participants have taken more than 500 tours during the past 5 years.

To take a tour, or to become a tour ambassador, contact Aris Myers at [email protected] or 321.841.8614, or visit the Arnold Palmer Medical Foundation website.

Giving Back, Threefold

Adam and Geri Goldstein are members of all three Multi-Year Giving Societies. Their connection to Orlando Health started when their daughter, Whitney, was diagnosed with cancer and came to Arnold Palmer Hospital for treatment when she was just eight years-old. Whitney is now in college studying nursing with a hope of becoming a nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies – her own way of giving back to the community and those who helped her achieve a healthy outcome.

It is because of Whitney’s journey that Adam and Geri believe so strongly in the mission of Orlando Health and, in particular, APMC. “We support APMC because we believe in the difference their care makes for our family, for other families and for our community,” explained the Goldsteins. And to them, the most essential value given by the hospital is trust. “The most important thing is trust, trust that the best care will be given in a compassionate way; trust that your needs will be met. Trust is everything.”

Adam and Geri’s transition into members of the Multi-Year Giving Societies followed a path from being the parents of a patient, to taking tours of APMC, ORMC, the Cancer Center and The Howard Phillips Center for Children & Families, becoming storytellers on the APMC tour where they share Whitney’s experience, serving as ambassadors by bringing friends and family on the tour and then joining the societies - starting with the Champions Circle. Adam serves on the Board of the Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation and Geri is the co-founder of Arnie’s March Against Children’s Cancer, an annual fundraising event that takes place in March.

To hear from the Goldsteins on a tour of APMC, contact Clay Osburne, Vice President, Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation at [email protected] or 321-843-5793.

December 20, 2017